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SmartNPS™ provides an simple and easy way to deliver NPS and related questions to your customer and is an integrated function within the WorkOutLoud Customer Experience platform.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an effective algorithm for clearly identifying a “score” for a customer relationship or virtually any “subject matter” you would like to use an NPS approach to understanding how the customer values the company, product, service, or individual.

Why you might need to map the customer journey

Everyone’s been there

You get the call… your customer has decided to “move in a different direction.” You know what that means. To not put too fine a point on it, they just fired you. So, the conversation moves from some obligatory, futile attempt to persuade the customer not to move to eventually discussing how that relationship will wind down. This conversation is never good.

Creating a competitive edge, 39% of CEOs rated Customer Experience as the most effective – almost 2-1 over the next method: Talent. (CRM Magazine/2017)

It’s complex – on average it takes at least 5 software solutions to execute a simple customer collaboration event and to keep the customer conversation going.

CMOs are under pressure to acquire, grow, and keep customers who are technically and socially connected with one another.” – From The Path to 2020 ~ Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) (The Economist Research Division)

It is NOT the CEO that runs the company, it’s the customer’s voice that drives the company to successful growth and opportunities. Although, the CEO is able to lead though the customer’s vision showing that the company does really care and wants to make the customer successful.

Why do your users come to your customer community?

They come to review the calendar for upcoming education meetings – web and face to face.
They come to connect with others like them
They come to follow the activities of a special interest
They come to ask a question…

The number one question that I continue to hear is: How can I save time after sharing my idea?

Entrepreneurship is trending as well as coffee shops and breweries supporting thousands of wireless idea creators because of the resources that are available, the outreach through social sites and online communities.

When you listen and stop talking, you might be able to take in more information as well as earn more respect by allowing other people to have a voice. You also may benefit from others opening up and trusting you more which creates stronger business relationships. There have been many times when I have been at a conference or networking event with many Elephants in the room.

Loyalty can be a good thing, although it can also be bad and what I mean by that is when wanting to be loyal you might be losing money because you trust the business. Business is just business and everyone is trying to make money just like you. Have I confused you? Good. Hear me out…I just had a AHA experience and had to share to help protect others like me trying to run a successful smart business.