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WorkOutLoud helps brands connect with their customers, and their customers with each other.

The WorkOutLoud platform delivers simple yet powerful collaboration capabilities that help your customers share ideas, communicate solutions, and solve challenges – through thoughtful forums and messaging organized by topic, special interest, or network – your customers will collaborate together to improve their customer experience by leveraging the power of the network.

Today’s customers’ have high expectations of value and relevance.

Today’s customers are savvy, aware, and connected. They want information, connections, and collaborations that are relevant and timely. They want you to remember who they are, what they purchased, and how they use your products. They desire efficient ways to search and place high value on information you help them discover based on their needs. They want to know they are among other customers just like them. They want the right answers to the right questions. Finally, they want to share their experience with others and to learn of other’s experience.

Why you might need to map the customer journey

Everyone’s been there

You get the call… your customer has decided to “move in a different direction.” You know what that means. To not put too fine a point on it, they just fired you. So, the conversation moves from some obligatory, futile attempt to persuade the customer not to move to eventually discussing how that relationship will wind down. This conversation is never good.

Creating a competitive edge, 39% of CEOs rated Customer Experience as the most effective – almost 2-1 over the next method: Talent. (CRM Magazine/2017)

It’s complex – on average it takes at least 5 software solutions to execute a simple customer collaboration event and to keep the customer conversation going.

CMOs are under pressure to acquire, grow, and keep customers who are technically and socially connected with one another.” – From The Path to 2020 ~ Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) (The Economist Research Division)

What is the state of online community in 2016?

As I noted in my recent round-up of enterprise tech to watch in 2016, the social business industry — which largely runs on community platforms and is the center of gravity of the practice — is in the midst of a growth surge, with compound annual growth of 26% expected through 2019 to become a $23 billion industry. This is a significantly higher growth rate than the entire big data industry, and so it’s good evidence that we’ll continue to see communities become ever more integral to everything we do.

The reason online communities are being used more is simple: Communities have become very efficient and effective vehicles, especially in certain high value functions, for connecting people and information together, while making the resulting knowledge collectively easy to wield and reuse across a wide variety of business functions.

For years now, the respected The Community Roundtable has been tracking the growth of the industry and sharing its data with the world, especially with its widely-followed annual State of Community Management report, or SOCM. The recently released SOCM for 2016 has by far the largest data sampling ever, with data from 339 community programs from around the world.