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How comprehensive is your platform’s profiling features?

Member/Customer Profiling represents the most important and foundational features of any community platform and implementation. The Profiling capabilities of your platform have the potential to benefit you and your constituents most and can make the difference in many areas. From suggestions and connections, to information accuracy and analytics. Both the owner and the members/customers benefit from a complete and accessible profile based on end-user administration and policy driven business rules.

No two communities are alike… that is why WorkOutLoud Foundry technology is a must have feature to tailor your community to your exact standards. From strong capabilties that require no coding to advanced capabilities that allow you to integrate into your existing systems.

Becase… No two communities are alike.

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This is our office in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange 100 years ago… still a lively place and it looks like people were prone to “WorkOutLoud” even back then. Note the collaboration going on and the guys tending to the “feed” on the chalkboard.

#workoutloud #wearepartofhistory #minneapolis is coming!

First of all… YES, we have a new collaboration solution focused on customer/product centric businesses coming out spring, 2015. At this time we are targeting mid-April. We are currently still building out functionality and market testing the new concepts, designs, and user functionality. We have a strong advisory board representing the Retail, Healthcare(Payer), Higher Ed, and Government. Our advisors have many years of collaboration as well as large scale enterprise system experience under their belt and we appreciate their involvement.