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On-boarding new users is easy… This video shows a customer who has deployed their community with our single-sign-on functionality – we are tightly coupled to their customer system… from there user is simply walked through the remainder of the process based on their implementation… Simple.

911 – Never forget… It directly touched our “Lawson” family when we lost our colleague, Tim Haviland. Tim worked in Marketing at our Lawson Godward office. He actually sat a couple of desks behind me.

I remember his lanky body lumbering in fresh from his bike ride in, backpack, and a great big nerdy – yet, intellectual smile. He lived in St. Paul at the time… He was quick with his dry wit and a great big smile! Truly a pleasant and fun, quirky guy.

Search and Collaboration go hand-in-hand. People want to connect with others like them or have interests that interest them. WorkOutLoud has integrated a powerful, customizable Profile graph (Extended Profile) with user defined profile tags, delivering a delightful and beneficial search experience. A search experience that produces results by connecting you with people you need to connect with!

WorkOutLoud delivers integrated analytics for your Community, Group, Blog, Connections, Advertising, Profiles… and just about anything that has a number to it!

Why is this important?

Because you can’t improve if you don’t have the right information, in a timely manner, available everywhere. 100’s of KPI’s related to your community come standard with our platform!

Did you know that all of your content; blogs, Messages, Profile Pages, Groups, and more… are SEO optimized and support native Twitter SEO integration? Just one of the benefits with working with our social platform. Simple and professional results at all times.

Why is this different?

Because believe it or not, many companies do not support the Twitter standard… and many times, do not support SEO standards at all.

Why does this matter?

Because you want your content to be found, to be searchable, to be discoverable! You don’t need to know how to do this… WorkOutLoud has your back!

Look… no coding! WorkOutLoud is so tailorable through it’s Collaboration Foundry, your Community Managers can be truly in control.

In this case “Laurie” wanted to wait to have her customer’s profiles to be publicly viewable outside the network. With one setting, she can turn it off. Later, when she is ready to “roll out” the feature of public profile sites, she simply clicks the option. That’s simple!

Don wants to “Work Out Loud”

Let me introduce you to Don. An effective executive and owner of one of the largest and well known organizations in his industry. Don is an engaged executive and does not hesitate to engage directly with his customers. Don’s day is always full of activity so when Don uses tools, he wants those tools to be simple and effective.

Don’s organization is one of WorkOutLoud’s customers and delivers a branded, private community to his customers. Don had something he wanted to share with the entire customer base. Previously, Don’s team sent out an email communication using a popular outbound email tool. He wanted to share this communication.

No two communities are alike… that is why WorkOutLoud Foundry technology is a must have feature to tailor your community to your exact standards. From strong capabilties that require no coding to advanced capabilities that allow you to integrate into your existing systems.

Becase… No two communities are alike.

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